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Clean, Safe, and Superior Facilities

On Farm Appraisals

Professional Sorting


Saskatoon Livestock Sales offers many services to assist you in marketing your cattle in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Saskatoon Livestock Sales, is one of the larger cattle Markets in Western Canada, marketing all classes of cattle, attracting cattle from all parts of Saskatchewan. The cattle are bought by professional cattle buyers who send your cattle to all the major feedlots throughout North America. SLS have developed an outstanding reputation in providing excellent service, and conducting fast, efficient cattle auctions. SLS are very proud of their clean, well designed and user friendly livestock marketing facilities. Saskatoon Livestock Sales have a lot of long time qualified, dedicated employees, who have all played a major role in the operations of SLS. Running a cattle auction is like operating a well oiled machine, every person within the system needs to be working efficiently in order to conduct a successful Auction. At Saskatoon Livestock Sales, you can assure your cattle will be handled, and marketed by the best in the business.

Clean, Safe, Superior Facilities

Saskatoon Livestock Sales are leaders in the industry for providing excellent facilities to market your cattle.

SLS has a reputation for being one of the cleanest markets in the industry. The facilities are maintained and ready to handle cattle at all times.

Indoor barn facility uniquely designed to better serve you:

  • Heated and ventilated (climate controlled)
  • Grooved, no slip flooring
  • Excellent lighting
  • Portable penning

Indoor sorting, washing, and processing

On Farm Appraisals

Qualified Sales Staff can come out to your farm to give you the latest market reports and appraise your cattle.

Our sales team have been with SLS a lot of years. They know cattle and can appraise your cattle accurately. Just give them a call and they will visit your cattle operation at no cost.

Professional Sorting

SLS sorting staff takes pride in what they do.

When your cattle hit the sale ring they’re sorted for you in a way that will get top value for your cattle.


Saskatoon Livestock Sales can assist you in any trucking arrangements you require.

SLS has access to all types of units from tri-axle trucks to straight liners with drop decks, to gooseneck trailers.

SLS can line up the truck anytime, anywhere.

Call us at (306) 382-8088